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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adoption Puzzle...Putting all the pieces together...

I recently read the quote "Adoption is the hardest thing I ever said Yes to in my Christian walk"
Its so true..its not an easy road, lots of paperwork, emails, phone calls, ups and downs, emotional times... But...when you get THE call and see THE picture and know SHE is YOURS..its so worth the wait! 
Our wait is over...we have been MATCHED with the MOST PRECIOUS little girl.  Now we just have to WAIT to hold her and bring her home...I look at her picture many times a day and she's the wallpaper on my phone/computer...We want to hop on a plane and be with her, but we must be patient...God's timing is perfect and it has been so amazing to watch Him work in this process for us.  We received the call from our social worker last week and in a short time, we knew she was ours!  Chip's first words about her were "She's Precious".  As we showed family and friends her picture all we heard was "She's Precious"...Later that evening I Googled her chinese name meaning...and it was...PRECIOUS 
Now we need your help...we have been so blessed by family and friends through this process in helping us raise the funds to bring this child to their forever family with yard sales, pancakes, ornaments, and generous financial gifts.  For those that are unaware of the cost of adoption, our estimated cost is over $33,000.00.  Forget the cost, what God did for us by saving us by his death on a cross for our sin, is priceless.  And so we are stepping out on faith trusting that God is going to provide the financial means for us to bring our daughter home.
We are beginning the fundraiser we have looked forward to the most since starting the process..

The Puzzle Fundraiser...Putting All the Pieces together...Bringing "Precious" home...Heres how it works:
-We bought a 1,000 piece puzzle that needs to be put together (I think I may ask Grandaddy Elliott to put this puzzle together for his love of puzzles...but don't put your back out!)
-We are selling each
puzzle piece for $10.00 (1,000 pieces times $10 each= $10,000 the estimated remaining funds we need to bring her home)
-You can buy 1 piece or multiple pieces, for each $10 you give your name will go on a piece of the puzzle (Ex: If you are a family of 4 and you donate $40 each family member can have their name on a piece...just make sure to list all members so we know the names to write)
-Ask your friends, family, co-workers, etc to donate $10 for a piece just make sure you give us their names so we can add them to the puzzle- It will be so neat to see how people from all over come together and help out!  Whose ready to challenge themselves to sell more than 20 pieces??
-You can give cash or check preferably, or use our paypal account located on our blog.  Feel free to mail or hand deliver donation money.  Email, text, facebook me a private message if you need our address.
-As the money comes in we will put your name(s) on the puzzle pieces and start to put the puzzle together and hope to have it done before she arrives in January
-When it is complete, we will glue and frame the puzzle together to hang in her room as a reminder of all the people who came together to help bring her home.

Please Pray for our little girl as she awaits us coming to get her...
-Pray for her health-that she will get the nourishment and nutrition she needs to grow strong and healthy
-Pray for her caregivers to give her love and attention as they care for all the orphan children under their care
-Pray that the final paperwork and travel arrangements will go smoothly
The Build A Bear we made with love with our voices recorded for her to get used to our voices

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